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Mr and Mrs Brown are semi-retired couple from South Manchester.

During their working carrier, there were both involved in building services, designing electrical installation for large commercial builds. Couple of years ago they have solar panels installed by another company who unfortunately is no longer in business. Such a common scenario nowadays. One afternoon we received a call from Mr Brown asking us if we do Solar Battery Storage.


After carefully reviewing theirs power consumption and solar generation profiles, we decided to introduce an idea of Tesla Powerwall.

As existing inverter was a SolarEdge it was a natural way to expand towards Tesla’s product. This product also slots perfectly into our quality categories too.

What Were
The Results

The 6.4 kWh kit was installed in attic which was converted prior to this installation to accommodate additional substantial weight of battery itself.

After completion, owners were able to practically be self-sufficient in terms of grid independent. Combined 4.5 kWp PV array and 6.4 kWh Battery storage provided 95% of annual power demand meaning that Mr and Mrs Brown needed to purchase remaining 5% from their electricity provider. Amazing!

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