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Trolex is a global supplier of gas and dust detection solutions to the mining, hazardous industry and transportation markets.

Their products are deployed in over 100 countries by some of the world’s leading corporations to protect their people and assets and to maximize efficiency. Their motto is: We innovate to save lives, save money and to make life better for our customers. As a progressive and ambitious company that makes significant investment in its people they offer a wide range of benefits to its staff in various areas. In line with this policy and with the rise in ownership of Electric Vehicle’s, Trolex saw a requirement to offer charging facilities to its staff and visitors. We were asked to supply 2 charging points for their car park.


The proposal was to install chargers that will charge every EV on the market. The driver simply needs to bring their charging cable, plug it in, and use the app to start, stop and (if set) pay-for-charge.

We decided to use EO Charging latest product on the market called eoGenius with eoHUB. EO have built a range of 2nd generation, smart electric vehicle charging stations, designed for homes, fleets and destinations. Plus eoHUB – their unique, intelligent, grid-integrated energy device, which connects EO chargers to the cloud-platform. We pride ourselves on superior product quality, reliability and customer service. Simplicity is critical – our chargers are super easy-to-use and install. With eoHUB, we offer our customers a future-proof, scalable and cost-effective solution, as eoHUB will soon integrate into the smart-home and couple with solar PV and battery storage.

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The Results

At Trolex they truly care about their staff and demonstrate this with genuine action, not just words! Installing EV smart charging points is yet another example of many great benefits they offer to their staff. And Griff Services made it all possible.

Why choose Griff Services?

They provide you with a full turnkey service, including; free site survey, design, supply, installation, registration, monitoring, billing, smart control, maintenance, future expansion. All you need to do is relax.

If your company is interested in EV Charging

If you would like EV charging installed, then Griff Services are here to help. We are an authorised installer under both the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) and the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS), which means that for approved systems, customers can now receive grants from the government. For more information on EV charging, approved systems and information on how to obtain a grant, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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