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Incorporate LED lighting into your interiors

As a leading LED lighting installer in Manchester, we’ve already touched on some of the benefits of why we would recommend switching to LED lighting in your home, which you can find here and we’ve also answered some of those common myths and misconceptions about them for you here too.

If you’re now ready to make the switch and incorporate some LED lighting into your home, we thought we’d share some of our favourite interior inspiration of ways you can start by simply adding some LED light strips to your home to create that WOW factor.

In the Kitchen

Gone are the days of traditional under counter lighting, we just love the simple addition of LED strip lighting underneath cupboards, counters, or on foot plynths to create a real wow factor in a kitchen design.


In the ceiling

The addition of a dropped ceiling combined with some clever LED lighting can add a real dramatic affect to your living space. Extra light during the daytime or a cosy atmosphere created by mood lighting of an evening, win, win.


In the Bathroom

LED lighting can also be used to make a feature of an object or piece of furniture just like this bathroom mirror. In our opinion it gives it a real hotel look and feel, if you’re after a statement suite.

In the Garden

We love any lighting in the garden, it creates such a magical atmosphere both on a warm summers night for everyone to enjoy or even to look at from your home during the winter months. Adding LED lighting strips to walkways or underneath garden furniture or focal points can create a beautiful space.


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