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Myths about solar panels debunked

Some homeowners are apprehensive to put solar panels on their roofs because of misconceptions they may have read or been told.

In this blog post, we explain what solar panels are and debunk some of the common myths surrounding solar panels.

What are solar panels?

In order to transform sunlight, which is constituted of molecules of energy known as ‘photons,’ into energy that may be used to power electrical circuits, solar panels are utilised. Solar panels harness solar energy to generate electricity and can be placed on domestic and commercial buildings.

Top 4 solar panel myths debunked

Myth: Solar panels cannot be used since there is not enough sunlight.

Despite the fact that the United Kingdom is not known for its sunshine, we do get enough daylight for solar panels to function. The sun does not have to be shining directly on solar panels for them to harness energy. You can use solar panels when the weather is gloomy or overcast. When deciding where to place solar panels, check that any adjacent trees or neighbouring structures aren’t casting shadows onto your rooftop and that they aren’t expected to do so in the coming years.

Myth: Solar panels require a significant amount of upkeep.

Some homeowners like to spray solar panels once in a while to remove dirt, but as solar panels are put at an angle, when it rains, they will automatically clean off the rain by themselves. When it snows, solar panels will generate heat if they are in service. This aids in the melting of snow.

Myth: Installing solar panels may cause damage to my roof.

Solar energy systems should have no effect on a roof. When we install solar panels, they are positioned on mounting brackets, which ensure that they are secure and stable throughout the process. Roof damage will be avoided if this is done properly, and a high-quality installation should avoid causing any roof damage.

Myth: The installation of solar panels on my property will have a negative impact on its resale.

The addition of solar panels to your house will undoubtedly have an impact on its resale value by boosting the value of the property. Your home’s resale value will depend significantly on the type of house you have, the neighbourhood you live in and the size of the solar panel system you’ve had installed.

Why choose Griff Services for your solar panel installation and repairs?

In the United Kingdom, Griff Services Ltd is one of the most prominent solar energy firms, having completed hundreds of installations ranging from residential to commercial properties. The solar panels we install are for both private individuals and large corporations. We strive to provide the most environmentally friendly and economically feasible energy solutions for both households and companies.

Our dedication and expertise have elevated us to the position of one of the top independent renewable energy installers in the United Kingdom. Make sure to contact our expert and friendly team at Griff Services for all your solar panel installation and repairs today.


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