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5 Easy Eco-Friendly Swaps for Your Home

To celebrate Plastic Bag Free Day, we at Griff Services wanted to remember the huge impact that the 5p plastic bag charge had on reducing the U.K’s environmental footprint, and showcase some other small changes that everyone can do that would also make a huge difference in reducing our impact on the environment.

1. Swap Single-Use Plastics for Reusable

Supermarkets proved just how effective they can be in reducing the use of single-use plastics, such as plastic bags, but why stop there? On top of keeping your bag-for-life close to hand, why not use a reusable container when you go to the takeaway? Coffee shops often offer discounts for people who bring in a reusable cup and this is expanding across food outlets as well. Restaurants and takeaways create enormous amounts of waste, but this is a simple change can reduce the environmental impact of your Saturday night takeaway.

  1. 2. Swap Regular Lightbulbs for LEDs

Installing LED Light Bulbs will undoubtedly be the eco-friendly switch with the biggest results within your home. Not only will it give you an excuse to reach up and finally clear away those old cobwebs, but with these Energy Saving Light Bulbs comes cost savings. LED Lighting uses over 75% less energy than traditional incandescent lighting. This coupled with the fact that LEDs commonly last over 25 times longer than traditional bulbs mean you’ll be saving money (and the planet) for a long time.

Griff Services offers a wide range of Eco-Friendly Lighting Solutions. Get in touch today to find out which is right for you.

  1. 3. Look into Renewable Energy Options

Whilst most of this list is focused on small changes that everyone can make, solar panels are actually a lot more accessible to homeowners than you might think. The price and technology have drastically improved in recent years, making the option for clean, cheap energy more available than ever. If you are curious about whether solar panels are right for you, contact us for a consultation.

  1. 4. Swap Tupperware for Beeswax Wrappers

Whilst Tupperware containers are good at reducing the amount of single-use plastic containers that are used, they are still made from harsh chemical plastics which end up in landfill when the containers become obsolete or break.

Beeswax wraps are made from a combination of cotton, food-grade beeswax, pine resin, and coconut oil. They can be used to store and transport food and can be reused many times, like Tupperware, however as they are made from natural materials once they wear out, they can simply be composted.

  1. 5. Swap to Bar Shampoo/Conditioner

Shops like Lush have flung these solid alternatives to traditional liquid hair care products into the spotlight, and we love them! Not only do they reduce the amount of plastic that end up in landfill and our oceans, but they are also often made from natural ingredients which reduce the amount of chemicals that are rubbed against your hair and skin.

On top of that, due to them being solid and concentrated they will last longer than traditional liquid hair care products, and there are no restrictions on travelling with them. All around they are not only better for the planet but can be more convenient to use.

Small changes like these, when taken on a macro scale, really do make a difference to our carbon footprints. If you would like to have a look at energy solutions to reduce your carbon footprint then please get in touch here.


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