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Griff Services Ltd is an electrical installer in Manchester, specialising in electrical engineering and renewable energy.

Not only do we provide you with the latest technology, we also carry out your installation professionally and efficiently providing straightforward and comprehensive advice.

We explain everything you need to know in plain language rather than complex, technical terms to ensure our customers are 100% clear on the services and recommendations provided.

We believe communication and understanding is the heart of good customer service. That’s why our specialists are more than happy to answer any questions you might have and are always on hand to offer honest and expert advice.

  • Trusted By Clients

    Trusted By Clients

  • Diligent Hardwork

    Diligent Hardwork

  • Available & Dependable

    Available & Dependable

  • Unrivalled Quality

    Unrivalled Quality

  • Always Deliver

    Always Deliver


After completing his bachelor’s degree in power distribution and gaining necessary experience in industry over the years, our current Managing Director decided to form Griff Services Ltd.

The company of carefully selected individuals share the same concept of quality and high standards.

Many years of experience and availability of skilled staff guarantee a high and uncompromised workmanship service and quick, professional customer experience – both before and after the installation is complete.

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Our Head Office is located in Salford Quays, Manchester, where you will find support teams including design, technical, finance and customer service in addition to our senior management personnel.

Our reputation has been established on foundations of quality and attention to detail. Whenever you are looking for a local electrical contractor to execute any small to large project or need a professional advice from our consultancy services, Griff Services Ltd will be happy to assist!

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