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Renewable Energy?

Griff Services Ltd provide the latest sources in renewable energy technology for domestic and commercial use, enabling you to save both money and the planet.

As a result from burning fossil fuels, grid electrical power is generated, contributing to air pollution and global warming. This has led to an increased use in alternative energy solutions such as solar and wind power as more and more people strive to go green and protect the planet.

Using renewable energy reduces our dependence on fossil fuels, helping you to avoid the rising cost of energy bills. In fact, those who invest in renewable energy technologies benefit from cheaper energy bills; some even make a profit.

Renewable energy that comes from natural sources such as solar panels and wind turbines is also known as sustainable energy. Unlike the energy generated from fossil fuels, it will never come into extinction. For this reason, renewable energy provides greater long-term energy security.



  • Solar<br>Panels


    Solar Panels experts, with hundreds of completed installations, saving you money on your energy bill. Read More
  • Battery<br>Storage


    We offer a full turnkey solution for solar battery storage for domestic and commercial adaptations. Read More
  • Electrical<br>Vehicle Charging

    Vehicle Charging

    Griff Services Ltd is a fully approved installer of electric vehicle charging points. Read More
  • LED Lighting<br>Carbon Reduction

    LED Lighting
    Carbon Reduction

    Longer lifespans and lower energy use makes LED lighting the obvious choice. Read More

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Herefordshire Council - Leominster Multi Agency - 30kWp

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Evesham Vale Growers - 250kWp Solar Panels

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Fletchers Engineering - 50kWp Solar Panels

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