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Battery Storage for a holiday house.

Anthony already knows benefits of Solar Panels as already own a property with solar system in place.

In fact, Anthony is so pleased with his existing Solar Panels, he asked us to design a system that will work for his holiday house.

We were challenged to design a solar system and find the way of using free energy while Anthony was not there.

Because Anthony knew so much about solar panels, we needed to sharpen our pencils to impress our client and a bluer idea of a battery storage was staring to come alive.



Large battery storage and smaller solar panels system.

We have focused on best system efficiency. First of all, we needed to understand how energy is being used. To do this, we broke down entire year to months and weeks.

We founded that Anthony was away for most of weekdays and mainly was using house for weekends. This lead us to a fundamental design decision.

We needed a large battery storage system that will provide enough free energy over weekend so there is no need to purchase any more from grid.

And to keep everything charged properly, 4 kWp Solar system was installed that has enough capacity to charge battery storage as well as to provide power for any household appliances that could be used at the same time.

What Were
The Results

After some setup issues, two battery storage packs were synchronised together.

Two LG batteries were set up in two charging modes. One 10 kWh kit was coupled through DC where second 10 kWh battery unit was engaged through AC connection.

Two SolarEdge new HD inverters are communicating between them and distributing generated free solar energy to either house or battery packs.

Worth mentioning is that one battery storage kit doesn’t actually need solar panels to operate.

Simply, we can charge one battery from grid at night. This could be done in conjunction with switching to Economy Tariff. So, you can charge battery storage at night when energy is cheap and use stored energy during day when is more expensive to buy.


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