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This project involved the installation of  EV charging points at Lancaster Castle, a historic landmark dating back 1000 years. The endeavour required meticulous planning to address the needs of the client, the Duchy Estate, appointed by  His Majesty Prince William the Duke of Cornwall, and to adhere to strict planning restrictions.


Our team embarked on a comprehensive planning process to devise a tailored solution for integrating the EV charging point seamlessly within the historic context of Lancaster Castle. We conducted thorough assessments and consultations to ensure compliance with the requirements set forth by the Duchy Estate and regulatory authorities. Through collaborative efforts and attention to detail, we devised an implementation strategy that respected the architectural integrity of the castle while fulfilling the modern need for sustainable transportation infrastructure.

What Were
The Results

The successful installation of the 22kw EV charging point stands as a testament to the efficacy of our approach. The collaboration between stakeholders, including the client, the Duchy Estate, and regulatory bodies, yielded a solution that harmonises tradition with innovation. Furthermore, the project sets a precedent for integrating modern amenities within heritage sites while preserving their cultural heritage.

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