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Solar Panel Services

Griff Services Ltd is one of the leading solar energy companies in the UK with hundreds of installations, ranging from home solar panel installations all the way to commercial projects.

We install solar panels for both private clients and blue-chip firms, providing the most ecologically and financially viable energy solutions for homes and businesses alike. Our commitment and focus makes us one of the leading independent UK renewable energy installers with accolades such as the runner-up prize for the North West Installer of the Year Awards.

Solar Panel Installation

Griff Services Ltd offers clear and concise advice on the best solar panel options for our clients.

Our expertise spans across multiple industries, having successfully delivered projects for domestic customers as well as commercial, industrial, retail, school, and new build markets too.

Here at Griff, we are truly dedicated to helping you identify the right product for your project. We seek to deliver superior customer service by offering the very best advice regarding any enquiry.

Our attention to detail is second to none, seamlessly integrating your new solar panels with the design of the property so you can rest easy knowing your aesthetic won’t be compromised.

Solar Panel Repairs

We can diagnose and repair solar panel systems of any size and specifications, regardless of who originally installed them.

Unfortunately, not all solar panel companies install their Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Systems to the same standards. We have heard a number of stories from our clients explaining that the company that originally installed their solar panels is no longer in business or that it is unable to provide a repair.

When it comes to repairs the first thing we do is conduct a site survey to identify any faults. From here we provide solar panel repairs or upgrades depending on the extent of the damage.

Did another solar panel installer leave you with broken tiles during the initial solar panel installation? Has a more severe problem developed over the years as a result of bad workmanship? Our experience with roofing problems and roof repair means that no matter what problem you are experiencing we will be able to help.

If your installation is not producing the yields that you were promised, or you believe that your solar panel system has developed a fault, please contact us directly.

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