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Solar Panels and Battery Storage


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We were approached by Mr J. to design and install a solar panels system that will also provide a battery storage facility.

The property was a domestic dwelling with a large power consumption. However majority of electrical demand seems to fall at night time.

Well, we got our pencils out and came up with a proposal!


Not knowing exactly how much power is needed at each time of day and night, it became an extremely difficult to correctly size battery storage system.

By studying electricity bills we were able to build a picture of a total power consumption needed by this property. Taking into account geographical location and other external factors, we were able to advise Mr J. on how many solar panels he will need.

What Were
The Results

4.32 kWp of Solar Panels was enough to reduce significantly electricity bill.

We have used latest model of solar panels with embedded optimiser to each module. Replacing the standard junction box on a PV panel with a SolarEdge power optimiser creates a smart module that produces more power. Smart modules optimised by SolarEdge come with module-level power electronics that provide optimised power harvesting, safety, and module-level monitoring.

The entire plant was powered by again latest in technology Solar Edge HD Wave inverter. The record breaking efficiency allows more energy production for an improved ROI. All connected to a friendly app based portal allows user control their power usage at any time.

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