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Holders of Congresbury SEAT are a car dealership organisation based in Bristol, which sells and services quality used cars, specializing in new and used SEAT cars, parts and servicing.

After establishing their interest in the installation of an electric vehicle charging point, we structured a careful and personalized installation plan for SEAT.


After careful planning, we produced a well tailored plan to meet the clients needs. We was provided with specific locations of the property the client wanted chargers to be installed.

Proposed to our client was a detailed overview of our exact plans for the installation, along with the quotation price.

What Were
The Results

This installation consisted of two 22kW electric vehicle units and one  40kW DC charger on the clients property.

Installing these chargers were well suited to our clients specifications and expectations. Each part of the installation was explained and marked upon planning, so the client was fully aware of each step we take through out their install.

The client was provided with a detailed description enclosed in their quotation, of what will be included in their installation, and even what benefits accompany the charging points.

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