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Evesham Vale Growers - 250kWp Solar Panels


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In Q1 of 2019, Griff Services Ltd were appointed as a specialist contractor to deliver roof top mounted solar panels system.

This spring onion’s giant decided to incorporate renewable energy into their new operation build. Client requested that solar panels are fitted to three roofs. This would provide solar energy through the day.


Over 800 solar panels were connected into bank of inverters.

SolarEdge Synergy commercial solution offers a very compact latest renewable innovation in inverters technology with units capable of connecting up to 100 kW.

This setup provides one of the most sophisticated solutions in renewable energy harnessing and with 25 years warranties it proves to be a well protected investment.



What Were
The Results

System was installed quickly and efficiently.

Working at live construction site poses number of challenges. However now complete, all of the solar energy generated onsite will be used by their intensive 7 day a week operations expected to b over 220,000 kWh per year, also reducing the company’s carbon footprint by over 100 tonnes annually.

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