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In August 2019, we conducted a large solar PV installation for Hertfordshire Council. The installation was carried out across the Councils multi agency offices in Leominster, Herefordshire.

The offices are used as a meeting space for Hertfordshire Council staff, as well as a tenanted space used as a Children’s Center for users and tenants of the property.


We understand that each individual customer has a set expectation when seeking a specific installation. Here at Griff Services, we ensure each specific expectation and requirement which a customer may have is met.

Careful and accurate plans are produced by our design team, where precisely structured design plans are found. Our design plans contain ample amounts of information, featuring a project overview, financial analysis, 3D designs, and more.

With such careful planning and plenty of time dedicated to preparing a reliable and accurate design overview and installation plans, we ensure that the expectations of our customers are met, and they are fully satisfied with our services. Customer satisfaction is vital to us, therefore our confidence in our work is reflected by our efforts not only during the installation, but also before and after.

We developed a well suited plan for Hertfordshire Council’s offices after discussing the specific requirements for this installation.

Whilst developing the plans for the location of the solar panels, our design team noticed that if we followed the originally planned positioning of the cells, a tree adjacent would cause shading on the panels. Therefore, we used our knowledge to construct a new location for the panels – where the risk of shading was eliminated.

What Were
The Results

After designing the solar system installed across the office roofs, we then supplied the required materials for the installation, before installing the designed system as planned. Once this system had been installed completely, we then tested it to ensure the general running of it was perfect – ensuring that general errors or issues were eliminated before progressing.

Not only did we supply the required materials for the installation, we ensured the installation was accompanied with PV modules, inverters, G59 relay protection, and connection to the ORSIS system – a full turnkey installation.

Finally, a powerful 30kWp system containing 88 panels, shared between two office roofs was installed, accompanied by several different warranties on different parts of the installation – such as material warranty, and performance warranty.

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