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When we met this lovely couple, their six year old inverter crashed and they couldn’t contact the original installers, so they turned to the internet for advice on what to do next.

One of them found Griff Services’ website at about the same time as the other received the suggestion from a veryhelpful website called inverterdoctor.co.uk (seems to give impartial advice with no charge and no hidden agenda; not surprisingly, though, there are some delays in responses) that they should upgrade to a Solar Edge system and they decided that it might be worth the extra cost.


The quote for that extra cost from one supplier was way beyond their budget but Griff Services quoted a much more sensible price and were able to do the installation only a few days later.

It was all done in a day, with no disruption and a great deal of efficiency and courtesy; a great relief after they had lost some six weeks of mid-summer generation.

What Were
The Results

Purely subjectively, because client has no previous detailed records to compare with, the Solar Edge system seems to be delivering significantly more KwH into the grid than had been the case with the previous, simple system.

They are no experts but it seems that this effect is likely to be greater in the mid-range of generation than at the highest and lowest levels. When the sun is shining from a cloudless sky and the panels are producing the near-4KwH maximum, then there is nothing to optimise; similarly, at the other end of the spectrum, when the sky is completely overcast. In between those, however, there is ample opportunity for the optimisers to ….. well, optimise. And summer 2017 in Yorkshire has provided perfect conditions!

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