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Go Off-Grid With Solar Power Battery Storage

Do you have solar panels in your home? Perhaps you’re considering making the switch for a more sustainable energy source? Good for you! A home solar panel system could cut your carbon dioxide emissions by over a tonne and a half each year. Many homes with home solar panel systems still rely on the national grid for energy during the night but did you know you can save solar power to use whenever you want with solar power battery storage?

What is Solar Power Battery Storage?

Solar panels work by converting the sun’s energy into electricity in order to power your home. It’s very likely that your solar panels will generate more energy than you can use during the day. If you have solar panels but no solar power battery storage, whatever energy you don’t use is sent back to the National Grid to be used around the country. Solar power battery storage, however, allows you to store any excess solar power you generate to use at times when there is no solar input available.

You may have different solar power storage needs depending on your average daily energy usage. For example, you may use your solar power battery to store energy during times of lower demand (such as the summer time), reducing or even negating the amount you need to buy from your energy supplier when usage is higher. Alternatively, you may only require battery storage for emergency power if your grid supply fails. Either way, storing energy in a solar power battery can save you massive amounts on your energy bill and can help you become more, or even completely, grid independent.

Where Can I Get a Solar Power Battery Storage System?

Your solar power battery needs to be the right size/voltage for your energy requirements otherwise you run a very real electrical safety risk. This is why we recommend a consultation from the renewable energy experts here at Griff. We are able to design and install DC or AC storage systems tailored to your lifestyle, helping you to make the most of your solar panels by minimising energy wastage.

Renewable energy storage is the perfect way to contribute towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle as this will further cut your carbon footprint. With the right solar power battery storage system, you could live in a home with zero electricity energy emissions and no energy bill whatsoever. Find out more about installing solar power battery storage systems in your home here and contact us for a free quote!


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