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Is Winter a Good Time to Get Solar Panels?

The cold months often bring with them the contemplation of energy sources. As you watch snowflakes fall or battle with the chilly British breeze, you might wonder, “Is winter a good time to get solar panels in the UK?” Let’s delve into this, examining both the feasibility and advantages of getting solar panels during winter. 

Solar Panels in the UK Winter 

Contrary to common belief, solar panels don’t necessarily need blistering hot days to function. They require light, not heat. In fact, solar panels can often operate more efficiently in cooler temperatures as opposed to scorching heat. 

The Worth of Solar Panels in Winter 

Certainly, British winters might not be renowned for abundant sunshine, but that doesn’t render solar panels useless. Even on cloudy days, solar panels can still produce electricity, albeit at a reduced rate compared to sunnier days. The UK, with its geographical position, gets a reasonable amount of daylight hours even during winter. Thus, having solar panels can still help you save on energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint, making them a worthy investment

How Much Energy Does Solar Generate in Winter?

It’s vital to set realistic expectations. Naturally, winter days are shorter, and the sun sits lower in the sky. Consequently, solar panels will generate less electricity compared to the sun-soaked days of summer. However, depending on the orientation, tilt, and efficiency of your panels, as well as the specific location within the UK, you can still expect to generate a significant portion of your electricity needs. 

Can They Generate Enough Electricity in Winter? 

Indeed, there might be some days in the heart of winter when solar generation is notably low. However, with the advancements in solar technology and efficient energy storage solutions, many homeowners find that their solar systems, combined with battery storage, can provide a consistent energy supply. In fact, the stored energy can be particularly useful during peak times when grid electricity is more expensive. 

Moreover, for those concerned about ensuring a consistent energy supply, hybrid systems that combine solar power with other energy sources can be an excellent solution. This way, you ensure that you always have the power you need, regardless of the weather. 

Why Considering Installation in Winter Might be a Good Idea 

 While solar generation might be lower in winter, there’s a silver lining when it comes to installations. Professionals, like the team at Griff Services, often have more availability during the winter months, meaning quicker and potentially more flexible installation dates. Not to mention, preparing your home with solar panels in winter means you’re all set to harness the full power of the sun when spring and summer roll around! 


The quest for renewable energy solutions doesn’t pause with the arrival of winter. While solar generation might be modest during the chilly months, the benefits of solar panels extend beyond immediate electricity production. From locking in lower energy costs to playing a part in reducing greenhouse emissions, it’s evident that winter can indeed be a good time to consider solar panel installation. Thinking about taking the plunge? Contact Griff Services today and explore your options! 


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