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What are the benefits of a door entry system?

door entry system

The door entry system remains one of the simplest and most reliable security control measures for residential or commercial properties. Door entry systems let you control who can enter a room or building using a variety of access methods such as a PIN code, keypad, camera identification or token. Replacing the traditional lock and key with the door entry system technology can help you deter any potential thieves and enhance the security of your place.

While you can install a door entry system in any type of building, they are most commonly found in businesses or offices, apartments or industrial buildings to allow only authorised personnel to enter the premises.  

As a local electrical installer in Manchester, we relish the opportunity to work with businesses of all sizes. From design brief right up to handover, we strive to complete industry standard installations as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

No matter how large your organisation is, every premises needs its security in place to protect the safety of your customers and employees. To make your job easier, we’ve highlighted the key benefits why installing a door entry system will enhance your protection and tackle any unwanted intruders:

Controls access

If your building has more than one access door, you’ll be able to control what rooms your employees can have access to and manage your environment more efficiently. You can even set the door entry system to lock different rooms past a certain hour, thus giving you peace of mind that your building is secure.

Enhanced sense of security

As mentioned above, the traditional lock and keys are a risky method of protection as the keys can often be lost and making multiple key copies can provide an opportunity for thieves to gain access to your office building or apartment. By using the access control system technology, you’ll be able to regularly change the door codes or the PIN through the keypad or use camera identification to make sure only authorised staff is coming through the door.

Wide variety of door entry system options

If you’d like an advanced access control system, then we’ve got good news! There is a broad range of door entry options you can choose from, including the audio buzzer system, key fobs, biometric door access control or internet door entry systems. While the mobile door entry system allows you to control your entry points from a remote location through an Internet connection, the biometric door system uses the most advanced technology which enables you to scan the fingerprints or handprints of your visitors and compare them against the database.

Regardless of your choice, access control systems offer great flexibility and they can significantly increase the protection of your building and the safety of your people, as well as prevent any unwanted visitors from getting through the premises.

You should make a plan beforehand and consider whether you need security at multiple entrances of your building, as well as whether you provide enough door access support for disabled users. If you’re opting for the video or audio access control systems, make sure you invest in a high-quality cameras and microphones to be able to identify any visitors or tenants that arrive at your gates.

As qualified door entry system installers, we have a wide experience in designing, installing and maintaining of access control systems that will suit your business needs and protect your facility. Get in touch with our team of experts to discuss your next business project and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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