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Why You Should Celebrate Solar Appreciation Day

If you’ve read any of our earlier blogs, you’ll already be aware of our love for solar power and our tendency to talk about its benefits at pretty much every opportunity we get, and it looks like we’re not alone. National Solar Appreciation Day falls on the second Friday of March, which this year means Friday the 13th.

Not every Friday the 13th has to be bad though!

The day itself marks a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness on the value of solar energy, celebrating both sustainability and energy independence on a global scale. There are lots of different reasons to celebrate the occasion, and we’ve listed some of our favourites below.


More so than ever in this time of climate crisis uncertainty, the value of renewable energy is soaring. Solar energy is inexhaustible, meaning we won’t be running out of it (whilst the sun is still here that is). In a world where common commodities are coming at more of a premium than ever before, the fact that we possess what is virtually an everlasting source of power is incredible, and certainly something we should all look to be making the most of.

If you make the switch over to solar then not only will you be taking some strain of the national grid, but in the process you’ll also massively reduce the amount of fossil fuels you’re using and in turn, reduce your carbon footprint significantly.


Saving money and saving the planet – It just makes sense, doesn’t it? With solar battery storage you can retain the energy you harness via your own solar panel system. This, coupled with the fact that solar energy doesn’t actually cost anything to harness, makes for a terrific long-term saving prospect.


In effect, celebrating solar also means celebrating the sun! In addition to the obvious benefits such as heat, light, plant growth and vitamin D, the sun also releases the chemical serotonin (the chemical that makes us happy). Many people attribute the dreaded ‘winter blues’ to the lack of sunlight during this period, and for good reason. Here’s to more solar power, and more sunlight!

How are you celebrating? Let us know on our Facebook page, or if you’d like to discuss how you can go greener by moving over to solar you can contact us today, where one of our expert team will be more than happy to advise you on your options.


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