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The Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan

As a Manchester-based business, we like to make sure we’re immersed in the latest goings-on in our local community. One area of the community we’ve taken a keen interest towards in recent times is Manchester’s plans in relation to tackling the climate emergency, more specifically the recently announced Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan.

What’s the plan all about?

Air pollution comes with its fair share of potential hazards: increased risk of a stroke, heart disease, asthma and cancer to name but a few. In Greater Manchester alone, air pollution is linked to approximately 1200 early deaths each year. Harrowing statistics like these have led the Government to advise areas like ours to reduce the amount of nitrogen dioxide down to something more within legal limits. But how are we aiming to achieve this exactly?

Clean air zone

The proposed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week clean air zone is an initiative aimed at discouraging the number of polluting commercial vehicles that are currently operating on Greater Manchester’s local roads and ultimately encouraging businesses to switch to cleaner vehicles. With non-compliant vehicles such as HGVs, coaches and buses set to be charged £100 per day and taxis set to be charged £7.50 per day, the incentive to make the switch to a greener alternative couldn’t be any clearer.

Clean vehicle funding

For many people in which their livelihood depends on their ability to operate a van or a taxi could be forgiven for feeling somewhat unnerved by the unveiling of this plan on first viewing. But they needn’t fear, as Clean Vehicle Funds are also being made available as part of the plans. This means that funds have and will continue to be made available for drivers to help them upgrade to a greener vehicle, one which won’t incur any daily charges.

How are Griff contributing?

Here at Griff we’ve long been advocates of cleaner methods of transport, and indeed greener ways of living in general. Our Electric Vehicle Charging installation services have seen many people and businesses make the switch over to electric vehicles, as well as our Solar Panel Installations helping others to save money as well as the planet in the process.

We’re delighted to see these plans for Greater Manchester come to fruition, and if you’ve also been inspired then why not get in touch with our team today to see how we can assist you in achieving your green dream?!


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